SPIEL.digital 2020 Neuheiten Playing Cards


A set of traditional playing cards with art from the newest games at SPIEL.digital. Discover games and support publishers and authors.

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2020 is not the year we all expected or wanted it to be. Most tabletop game conventions got canceled and just playing a board game with some friends became a whole lot more difficult. Digital board gaming entered our lives and so did SPIEL.digital, the first-ever board game conference of this scale to be ever held entirely online.

In collaboration with the SPIEL organization we decided to try and make something tangible, that would both remind us of SPIEL.digital for many years to come, but will also help us navigate the vast amount of new games being introduced this year at SPIEL. So we designed a collectible playing card set, dedicated to the games of SPIEL.digital.

Every card of this deck features a new tabletop game that is introduced at SPIEL.digital this year. There are beautiful 3D renders of every box and the cards show the most important stats about every game. Browsing this deck of cards will feel a little like physically wandering through the many halls of SPIEL, browsing, hoping to find some wonderful new games. Be surprised by what comes up! And if you want to know more, there is a link and QR-code on every card that will send you directly to where the action is on SPIEL.digital!

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