Alien Getaway


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Alien Getaway is set in a distant galaxy. Clumsy alien Zoid carelessly leaned on a button and thereby accidently blew up an entire planet. Big boo-boo! And now Zoid must get away as quickly as possible! The players (ages 8 and up) help Zoid to find an escape route across an asteroid belt. Whoever incurs the fewest penalty points wins.

A fast and elegant card laying game for 1 to 4 players. Players take turns building Zoid’s escape route with cards from their hand, then roll the dice to see how fast the tiny spaceship will move. An exciting game, where penalty points are unavoidable and the player who knows how to deal with it the smartest eventually wins.

Includes a pewter miniature of alien Zoid in their spaceship.

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20 minutes


1-4 players




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