Pewter Heroes Trilogy Collector’s Edition


A trilogy of three games for the entire family: Alien Getaway, Victory Tank and Mole Control. In a handmade Collector’s Edition bigbox.

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Last year we created a trilogy of games, each starring a original pewter miniature. We called it the Pewter Heroes Trilogy and our Kickstarter did very well. This year, we decided to do something special: make a collector’s edition of our already very collectible Trilogy. We had a box designed that can be used to store the three game boxes. And you can pre-order now! We’ll have the boxes hand made by Dutch artisans, complete with a made to order foam insert to keep the boxes nicely in place.

If you haven’t yet seen our games, we’ll tell you a little about each of them below. In short, they are three very different games for different audiences. We showed them at SPIEL in Essen and people loved them! So with this big box, you’ll have games for every occasion, whether you want to play a fun game with friends, have some kids you want to entertain or are in the mood for a strategical deep dive.

In Alien Getaway 1 to 4 players help Zoid to find his way through the asteroid field. Players will play cards to lay out an escape route for this little green man. However, Zoid is an impatient little bugger and if he travels too fast and gets off track, the active player will have to take a penalty. But there are ways to get rid of penalties and taking a penalty might not always be as bad as it seems…

Victory Tank is a quick, light, and tactical game. Two commanders will try to lead their armies to victory over a couple of rounds divided into two phases. During the “Fog of War” phase the active player will draw two cards to be added to the ever-growing battlefield. Each card depicts goals and bonuses to be placed on the battlefield. The active player gets to keep and place one of these cards while offering the other card to its opponent, providing interesting choices and dilemmas to the players during the game.

And Mole Control is a quick game for 2 to 5 in which players take turns to add cards with stinky flowers and tasty insects (or so the Mole thinks) to the communal gardens. After that, they get to move the Mole to one of the gardens. The garden occupied by the mole is off-limits until the Mole is moved to another garden. Once players run run out of cards, they must claim one of the gardens, making sure to pick a garden the mole doesn’t like.

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May 2022


1-5 players


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